Abigail Shrier Speaks Out For Women and Children

To the Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Equality Act The testimony on March 17, 20201 by Abigail Shier to theJudiciary Committee Hearing on the Equality Act i...Read More


The 3 Activist Groups Who Most Threaten Women’s Rights

Antifa, Trans Rights Activists (TRAs), and Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), should all be held under the same disdain. All three groups subjugate women, the...Read More


Pronouns are Rohypnol – Crosspost

In the interest of preserving this article, Journal Exigence is crossposting it here. The trans activist lobby apparently doesn’t like it, so it was banne...Read More


Money and Power Behind the Transgender Juggernaut

As transgenderism continues to grow like a pandemic in the western world, it’s important to understand who is behind it. The players ensuring it stay rele...Read More

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Free Speech

winter tree

Why I Left the “Left”

I was watching a conservative rally yesterday, and a lot of what was said was incredibly spot on. Some, too flag-wavy for me; although I am less knee-jerk again...Read More

Democrat Liberal Melt Down Compilation

We here at Journal Exigence post a lot of serious content, but today we celebrate the acquittal of President Donald Trump (because we don’t approve of the...Read More

Democrats Hypocritically Yell “Insurrection” While Praising Even Worse Behavior

From a group who has championed the most horrific actions by destructive groups (Antifa and BLM) for months all summer, this is the most stunning example of hyp...Read More

President Trump’s January 6, 2021 Speech

Since unelected Silicon Valley billionaires have now officially committed a social media coup d’etat of the president of the United States, his speeches a...Read More

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What’s in YOUR mask?

Here’s where they come from. Your ‘PCR tests’, too.

Doctors On Why Vaccines Are Not Safe Or Effective

Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.🔥🔥👇 1. Dr. Nancy Banks – http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm 2. Dr. Russ...Read More

Fascizing Neoliberalism and COVID-19

By Melanie Best Recently many lefty friends have chastised me for my research on Covid – aside from reflex name callers who have to imagine that I’ve gone...Read More

You Don’t Care

OpEd by Tucker Carlson from July, 2020: Editor’s note: After 8 months of lockdown, it is more apparent than ever that we are being played. We acquiesced a...Read More

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