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      Who thinks the assassination of Gen. Soleimani will spark WWIII? I have thought the powers that be were trying to start it since 2016 when HRC admitted that was one of her goals. She destroyed Libya, so how could we doubt her? Now Trump made this collosal mistake, what do you think is next?

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      I am convinced that this is mostly about oil and other resources, but Americans need to wake up and understand that we are no ‘better’ than any other country; and that the leaders in other countries are pretty much like the ones here, except I’d venture to say better, because the ones in charge of the US now believe they can mow down any country on a whim, and steal their resources.

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      Looks like now we have astroturf protests in Iran, much as the US started in China, etc.



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      Stan Jacox

      I do not think the motivation for destruction of 1/2 the world has anything to do with oil. It is more related to cutting trade routes and ensuring the use of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Oil is going to be $10 a barrel in 10 years and few buyers at that price.55% of oil is burned in transportation and the explosion in BEV, battery electric vehicles will cust demand for oil greatly since the classic tech disruption curve has followed, but even steeper than those in the past. Every car and truck company is putting all their development money into BEV but it is too late for most of them, they are 10-12 years too late so they will go out of business soon. The switch from horse-powered transportation to horsepower as in internal, combustion engines was less than 10 years. The rate in which tech like TV reached 80% adoption was 6 years. Big oil maintains the prices of oil high by controlling production. If you remember the 1970s OPEC oil shortage that drove prices from $0.25 per gallon to $2.00 a gallon and created mile-long lines for filling stations possible forget that turmoil was caused by a 3% drop in production. So, imagine what a drop of 10-20% in oil consumption will do to prices?  New car sales in recent months have dropped in every model year to year from 12-60% and the only brand/models which are selling to production capacity now are Tesla BEV. VW has stated they are phasing out ICE and investing 60 billion in BEV with 60 models…but they are too late also. The lower volume makes like Ford and GM are sure to be gone in 4-5 years. Mercedes has scaled back production dramatically and is laying off 15,000 or their workforce and predicts they will not be profitable for at least 2 years but that seems very optimistic. The biggest car, truck and bus market in the world has banned any new ICE production as of 2025. GM’s only profitable line is in China. China produces 2 million BEV a year now but expects to grow to 18,000,000 a year by 2016.
      So if the war planners do not know that oil and countries like KSA which live on oil revenue will collapse in 5-6 years, they are dumber than their boneheaded actions would suggest.
      What IS a threat to Wall Street is the rapid growth of the NEW Silk Road and the largest trading block in history, that leaves Wall Street and the western big banks on the side of the road along with the US dollar. The dollar and its use in world trade settlement is the only reason the US Empire as survived this long.ot can print money without inflation as long as all producer and consumer countries need to buy dollars to settle trade transactions. the 65 current countries and 122 countries expected to join this NSR/BRI represent the fastest growing economies in the world. Few in the US, for example, know that those fastest-growing economies are BRI countries in Africa. Only knowing that, makes the fact that the US military has quietly greatly expanded its occupation and covert operations undermining 52 of the 54 African countries. China is building schools, roads, high-speed rail, ports, airport water systems, and the US only builds bases against the wishes of the countries it occupies.
      Resouces is not a high priority for the US, but control of the currency and trade alliances of all those countries are reason enough for the extreme aggression and efforts to undermine the two main countries that created the New Silk Road and Belt-Road Initiative; China and Russia.
      Oil is not profitable for the US as a raw material. The fracked wells all lose massive amounts of money as businesses but their shares constantly get purchased as investments because Wall Street can always find another sucker, early investors sold long ago and every 6-12 months ownership of all the shares change hands, often to badly advised pension funds. The financial security overall will improve when fracking operations are shut down when no more suckers are willing to buy shares.
      The existential threat to the US is its own aggression and other countries moving away from the dollar., and of course, the Schiffs and Madow’s of the world who are your real enemy, not Russia or China.

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      Nearly a year later and I do believe we are in WWIII, but we are the sacrificial lamb, due to the COVID hoax.

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      Nearly a year later and I do believe we are in WWIII, but we are the sacrificial lamb, due to the COVID hoax.

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