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    2 months, 2 weeks ago
    This makes me livid. There are ZERO threats of violence from feminists against any trans activists, and yet they are still the MOST OPPRESSED PEOPLE EVER (MOPEs).

    Feminists are no longer allowed to have a discussion in public. Let that sink in. We’re referred to as nazis.

    From Meghan Murphy, in regard to her upcoming panel at Seattle Public Library:

    “On Friday, as I was waiting to board a plane, the Vancouver Police called. They said they were very sorry to tell me that they had received a threat against me that they were taking seriously. The threat was sent to the Vancouver Public Library, saying, essentially, that if they don’t “stop me,” he (the person who sent the threat) would come there and take me out himself. #GIDYVR receives violent threats every time we organize events, so this is not exactly surprising, but of course it is scary and concerning.

    I want to point out that people like Morgane Oger, who the mainstream Canadian media continues to ask for comment on all things ‘gender identity’ related, and members of the so-called progressive left have played a notable role in normalizing this misogynist hatred and violence against women. When threats and violence are excused by claiming, for example, that those who threaten violence are somehow ‘oppressed’ and ‘fighting back’ or ‘defending themselves’, it not only excuses male violence, but blames women (the victims) for this violence/these threats. It is not true, in any case, that women are ‘oppressing’ those who promote gender identity ideology. We are defending the rights and spaces women fought so hard for over more than a century.

    I am sick to death of people refusing to stand up and say ‘NO’ to this behaviour and this (actual) bigotry. I am not any better equipped to accept violence and threats than any of you. I am not a wealthy celebrity who can afford security systems and round the clock protection. Labeling women ‘transphobic’ or ‘TERFs’ justifies hatred and violence. Whether you like that reality or not, it is the truth. WE are the ones who are vulnerable in this debate, not trans activists. WE are the ones paying thousands in security fees, fighting even to speak, being smeared and libeled in the media, fearing for our safety out in public and in our communities, and being intimidated and subjected to hate speech (that is to say, overt and explicit calls to violence). There is no ‘both sides are guilty’. There are no feminists threatening to murder trans activists or even to shut down their events.

    I do NOT accept those who participate in this vilification by normalizing the idea that supporting women’s rights is ‘phobic’ or ‘exclusionary’ or even ‘mean’. I do not accept leftists, politicians, journalists, or friends who, rather than stand up and defend us, ostracize us and go along with the lies spread about us. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO STAND UP? What will it take to stop worrying about what your bougie hipster oh-so-woke friends thing about you? Is your reputation or your popularity more valuable than women’s lives?”




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