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    2 months ago
    “If you’re a 3rd wave feminist or a 4th wave genderists who believes in “equality of all genders” and “empowerment” there’s a few things you should know before you call yourself a progressive and left wing.

    1. Both those movements are solidly based in neo-liberalism birthed into the world in the 1980’s by 2 Right Wing governments: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

    2. Neo-liberalism is the idea that we are not a society but rather disconnected individuals whose identity is more important than class politics.

    3. Equality within the dominant paradigm means contorting oneself to fit a broken system. No matter how many women sit on the board of Fortune 500 Companies, there will still be migrant women cleaning the boardroom on minimum wage while the goal is ‘equality’ rather than liberation. There’s a reason it was called Womens Lib, not ‘women trying to be men’.

    4. Your empowerment means sweet f*** all to anyone except you. Flashing your tits is not “smashing the patriarchy”.

    5. Quit the Oppression Olympics. It’s tiresome, boring and a sign of Western 1st World Privilege. You weren’t clitoredectomized at age 6 without antiseptic, anaesthetic and pain killers. You weren’t married off to a 50 yr old at age 11 to have baby after baby until you died and got replaced by a younger model. You weren’t made stateless by war and prostituted on a refugee camp for a few sips of clean water. Etc Etc Etc

    While liberal feminism calls itself intersectional it concurrently ignores the women at the bottom doing the shit-work while screaming ‘meeeeeeeeee, it’s all about meeeee and my choices. Empowerment, agency, meeeeeee.’ In other words it’s right wing, regressive, conservative, capitalist, patriarchal bullshit that upholds the status quo.

    Radical Feminism operates from women’s liberation using class analysis, anti neo-liberalism, real left politics and operating from the grass roots up. It says, ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m ok if you’re still not’.”

    Sabine Sab V Belinski

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