Why Does Society Hate Our Children So Much?

By Cindy Sheehan, Vacaville, CA (This is a copy of a Letter ...Read More


The 3 Activist Groups Who Most Threaten Women’s Rights

I hold Antifa, the Trans Rights Activists (TRAs), and the Me...Read More


Democracy Now on The Chinese Flu

Last night I listened to part of DN, and Amy was interviewin...Read More



Prolific Genetics Professor Weighs in on Sex & Gender

Dave Curtis, Psychiatrist and professor, offers his well-researched conclusions on the subject of transgenderism. This post is from his blog, which you can visi...Read More


Twas the Night Before Terfmas

Twas the Night Before Terfmas – (author anonymous) Twas the night before Terfmas, And all through the thread, The Terfs greeted Maya’s decision with dread...Read More


The Persecution of Women Continues

Women were once centered in family, tribal and village life, as well as in actual old time religion. The breaking of these traditions was brutal, and invol...Read More

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Free Speech

A Blessing For Anyone

I feel very lucky to have Caitlin Johnstone as a client and friend. I work on her website. And I read her articles, poetry and love her art. And it really has b...Read More

Resist the DNC – July 13, 2020

Please join us opening day of the #DNC to Resist the DNC. This March is led by the poor ourselves . We need support getting the word out. #PPEHRC #Poorpeoplesar...Read More

“Deep Fakes”: the New Way to Censor Free Speech

Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom was the first state leader to pass legislation against what some are coining “deep fakes”. This should co...Read More

The Struggle for Women’s Rights Continues Into 2020

As we move into 2020, it remains astonishing that most of the hard-won rights of women in the western world – here in the US, and in Canada and the UK, fo...Read More

Climate Change

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